Already at 28 of May, 2015, at 13:00 begin 3-th International Inline Hockey Tournament in LATVIA.
Dont be late with Your application- possible to accept just 8 teams (5 already we know)! Entry fee 150 EUR from the team.
Game quantity 7 (Round Robin-games- with collecting the points - 2x15 minutes). On each game will be 2 referees, secretary, doctor. All games will get a photos, some of - will be filmed.
The second tournament day after games will be skill competition for players + every team can nominate player for - '' All Star '' team (who in the end of the day- will play against the Latvian national team candidates).
Saturday - will be free, but sunday- final games.
All Jurmala OPEN 2015 participations will receive some presents, there will be awarded each team's best player and all tournament STARS - the best goalie, score leader, forward, defendsman. And - of course- first three places receive cups and medals!
Foreign teams- can leave equipment in to the rink for all tournament days, and transportation from/to aeroport / rink- hotel. Possible got a full acomandation for good prices as well. 
All questions, contact :
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