Latvian inline hockey player fly to Spain.

To the Bilbao club "Metropolitano HC" going - this year Latvian Junior National team (U-20) scoring leader - Christopher R.Veispals.

This is the first contract since the founding LIHF (2010), concluded between the Latvian player and foreign clubs for inline hockey playnig. Some players from Latvia, contracted with USA profesional clubs- long ago- in 1994-1997, before.

Player CV
Born May 29, 1998, in Riga, Latvia.
Height - 190
Weight - 78
Position - defence.

Player Experience:

Inline hockey playing from year- 2010.
Since 2012, Latvian Higher League Championship participation, in teams - Riga's Vilki, Juniors, MIXX, and LV Gold (Youth team).

In 2016 , player played in team LV gold- 11 games, and got 34 points. The season he finished in team Riga's Vilki, where in the four games he adding another 19 points.

Participation in the Latvian national team:

First World Championship for him was debut in 2014, when adult NT went to the France. He more or less was on bench, and went out only against weaker opponents. (Overall standings- he scored two goals and had two assists).

A year later as youth team U-18 player, he went with the team to the European Championship. There Christopher was chosen as team captain. They got fifth place, but him got just 1 + 1 points.

2016 - Latvian inline hockey federation, first time sent Youth U-20 team, to participate in to the World Championship 2016. In total, Latvian Youth results were rather weak, only 16th place form 18 countries. But K.R.Veispāls was not only the best Latvian team player- but he was second best in standings- in the whole World Championship (between teams and players from USA, France, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, etc.)

His standing- 17 points, six gols and eleven assists.
Team Trainer in 2016 was Roman Glazkovs, who realy open the player for that!

We wish to our young player- enjoy the Spain, will have a good game experience (Spain 4th place in the World Championships Junior U-20 level), help to a new club with defence, and his skils. We hope- he will get a new knowledge of the game, for help the Latvian players, and help to him- participate the Latvian national team in next World Championship, which will be held in China. 
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