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3 to 6.September- Roan, Italy held the place of the European Championship of inline hockey. First time in the history of Latvia, there was also attended by Latvian athletes. Participated for testing their strength, gain international playing experience, learn new skills and bring Latvia name in the world.

Inline Hockey European Championship was not the case for several years- in this respect in Europe started progress- inline hockey and further developing the European Championships scheduled to be held in different groups each year, as long as are assembled in the correct slot and rating system.

European Management Committee, chaired by the French representative Boris Darlet, himself a long-time French higher inline hockey leagues and random player- taken a step towards the development of international cooperation, and thanks to him- Latvia could send their hockey players to participation in competition.

Although to struggle for medals of course is every athlete's dream, and there is no exception to inline hockey athletes, however, the facts known: inline hockey Latvian just development this sport. We play it about 5 years, but - Italy, France- each have a long knowledges and perfect skating and inline hockey rinks for practices and huge local championships. Thay are long time - participation in international tournaments already decades.

Our level was closer to Switzerland and the Czech team- main players is more ice hockey players, but there also role playing inline hockey lasting nature of the current country experience, as well as financial aspects. Overall, the Latvian national team starts to be assessed as good, and at these age groups - U-18 and Women's teams- Latvia is now have a ‘’reference point’’ at European level.

Women's random match results:
Latvia : Switzerland / 8 0 /
Italy: Latvia / 10: 0 /
Latvia: France / 0: 8 /
Semifinal - France: Latvia / 19: 2 (Alice Kindzulis 1 + 0, Žanete Vasiļevska 1 + 0, Beate Žagare 0 + 1) /
Play for bronze - Switzerland: Latvia / 5: 0 /.

EURoana, score : bronze - Switzerland, silver - Italy, European champions - the French team.

U-18 team participate somewhere first time. It is in the age group of 14-17 years, which does not take place the World Championships, so in order to prepare them for the big launches and better represent Europa- Europena committee- decided to hold this competition every year, but this was the first year.

U-18 random match results:
Latvia - Switzerland / 4: 8 (Patrick Derups 4 + 0, Christopher R.Veispals 0 + 1, Henry M. Veispals 0 + 1) /
Latvia - Italy / 0 : 9 /
Czech Republic: Latvia / 9: 1 (Patrick Derups 1 + 0, Christopher R.Veispals 0 + 1) /
France - Latvia / 11: 0 /.

EURoana U-18 score: bronze - the Czech Republic, silver - Italy, European champions - the French team.

Latvian team get a prize for the spirit of sport '' special award for team, for the sport spirit They have shown in These days '').

Thank to the organizers that the ability to evaluate our team united- supporting each other, involving other team caring for our own, the overall team mood and fighting spirit, as well as courtesy and a smile. Again, a number of European countries are absolutely convinced that the Latvian living in a nice and sporty people, they clearly know our flag colors.

Similarly, none of the games - was not an easy opponent. Perhaps the workmanship and the result of this is higher, but the Latvian national team fought for every square centimeter and did that could have been.

Similarly, total VAT acquired by our team and all the people involved and Latvia togather- not calculable. Many of the athletes in turn have gained new friends and a huge exerience - especially our young athletes, which is a new motivation to train, play and achieve something more.

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