About us

Inline hockey - its the most important we do.

Its our inspiration. Its that we realy love.

All about it. Trainings, competitions, local championships, tournaments...

And international, too.
We organising international inline hockey tournaments in Latvia, or National teams participate in European and World Championships. Even in World Games.

Our inline hockey - born just few years ago.
In 2010- founded LATVIAN INLINE HOCKEY FEDERATION, and we start globalise our action.

At the moment National team of LATVIA adult man is TOP 10 team in the world. The higest achievement was in 2015 = in the world ( Under FIRS ).

But its not just one we do.
In our project experience is many rollersport events. Inline hockey and sport camps. Rink renovation. Trainer and referee courses. And many more.

For example Roll Ball.
We practice and organise all team sport games, with rollerskates.

Let be with us! We love skates, we love play!
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