Accepted LIHF project!

Riga City Council Culture and Sports Department has supported the project of the Latvian Inline Hockey Federation – OPENAIR TRAININGS  FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE - RIPO RIGA!
From June 11th - in Riga, Mezaparks - for young people from 8 to 18 years old – will be an opportunity to take part in free gym hours - every working day from 13:00 to 15:00, during school holidays, until the 25th of August, when the closing event of the special event . We hope to see the parents of children in the common tournament!
Daily workouts will include general physical fitness and inline hockey games. The exercises will not take place during the rain, or they will be adapted during wet periods, because they can not use roller skates.
Anyone who wants to learn a hockey game and loves to roll, more or less focused on the idea that sports in the fresh air, in the summer- it is colossal, and the main thing will be available for CHILDREN WITHOUT OF CHARGE!
Requirements - the child definitely needs to be in a healthy suit worn by the weather, and wear a jacket that is worn after a workout.
Preferred minimum equipment – knee pads, armchairs, helmets, roller skates. Ideally, ice hockey gloves, sticks. Roller skates are recommended because the base is INLINE HOCKEY, but if there is a group of children who do not have such equipment - we will sport without.
Interesents (parents of children), please apply, leaving phones and children's first and last name, because we need to plan the approximate age and number of children, and inform you when the trainings are canceled, as well as inform about the planned activities (such additional daily workouts will be 6 x during the summer).
Apply by sending an application to, where you will also receive a special form- which you can fill in before you arrive. Of course, the condition of the new data protection regulation will also be included - the signature of parents about the child's photo / name / etc. publications in the social space, because of course - we want to reflect on the event, and visualize - however, we will respect your wishes!
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