Latvian national inline hockey team returned from the World Championship (Nangin, China, September 3-9, 2017), with 6th place in the World!

To the World Championships in China - Latvian inline hockey went with a very heavy heart. The first group to compete with teams- Canada, USA, Czech Republic, and Latvia has never won those opponents ever before. Before the tournament, it was clear - at least one game had to be won to remain in the highest group.

As in September, most of the best players are in their hockey clubs and are not able to take partipation on this competitions, and national team was completed with the best players who were available in the current period in Latvia, giving the opportunity to several young players between the ages of 17 and 19. The average age of the National team was only 23 years old, at this year.

The Latvian team started with a loss to the Czech Republic 0:10. However, it was not a surprise because the Czech Republic has been the last 3 years - World Champions, and also the winners World Games 2017. So far, the Latvian team has always suffered losses in meeting with this team and the results so far - 0:11 and 1:11 -2013; 2: 7 - 2014 year; 1: 3 and 1: 5 - in 2015 and 2: 8 in 2016.

On the same day, the United States and Canada played a tie game 2: 2.

As for the next day, the game with the United States, their game was specifically analyzed – the Latvian team watched the game in the hall, to understand what their tactics were.

On the 4th of September, the Latvian team went out on the rink against the United States quite motivated, and using the previously seen-perfectly blocked American capabilities-was able to play fantastically well, despite the judges to sue the US team (there were matches where for several minutes they had to play in a minority in two, against four in the USA players, but also here - the US failed to beat us).

It was unbelievable - Latvia succeeded in winning this game for the first time in history - with a score of 4: 3, and so it was get two points in pool. (So ​​far, the results of mutual games with the United States have suffered by only losses - 3: 4 - in 2012, 1: 7 - in 2013, 4: 7 in 2015, 2: 7 - 2016).

The next game was with the Canadian team, and also this team was never defeated, however, the LV team was more confident that they could play the same after the results of the United States and Canada.

However, unlike the game with the United States, Canadians did not succeed. Their tactics were changed continuously. It was just taken away from what needs to be avoided - Canada changed its tactics and the Latvian athlete did not manage to control the game, not take over the lead or resist overtaking.

Although, in the second period the opponents did not win any more, the game was lost 1: 8. (The results of the previous games also suffered the same losses - the opponents of this unit only had twice - in 2013, when the loss was 1:12, and in 2016 - by concourse 3: 5).

The match between the United States of America and the Czech Republic saw a loss of 5: 8 and US fell out of Group A, while Latvia was in the quarter-finals of the group, where they had to play with the opposing group leaders - the Italian National team, which last year beeting for gold medals with the Czechs.

In 2014, the Latvian team lost to the Italians 1: 7, and now the loss of 1: 8 made Italy a preeminence, and it is no wonder that in the upcoming games, Italy won the Czech Republic, leaving it third, and the finals remained the second in the world for the second consecutive year.

The next opponent is the Colombia National team. Also, Colombia has played a number of times since it is A or very close to Group A throughout the year. Usually experienced small but victorious. (2012 with 3: 1, 2013 with 2: 0)

This year, as well, was no exception fortunately, and our guys won 5: 4, that giving them a place in the 5/6 ranking.

Unfortunately, the last game has to be scored at the expense of the goalkeeper's injury. In fact, the Latvian team was in the attack zone, but the sharp Spanish counterattacks were uncontrollable. Their shotrt bodysize and skating skills were different from the weight of our athletes. Although technically ours were superior, because the game was mostly held in the Spanish defense area, however, the speed at this game made everything clear. The goalkeeper's reduced mobility due to a goalkeeper's injury-unguardedly allowed the Spanish attackers to commit quick attacks.

So having experienced theyr worst game in the championship, with a loss of 3:10 - Latvia had to make concessions to the Spanish team, and thus remain 6th in the world, however.
It is a two-place higher result than in the previous year, when Latvia was eight.

1.France 2.Italy 3.Czech Republic 4.Canada 5.Spain 6.Latvia 7.Switzerland 8.Colombia

2017 national team players, LATVIA :
Davis Daksa #31, Jorens Grauds #8, Viesturs Cimermanis #10, Kristofer R. Veispals #16, Arvis Purvins #69, Niks S. Voicescuks #70, Arturs Batraks #13, Toms Taurins #88, Arturs Klimkans #44, Dāvis Sprukts #25, Henrijs Veispals #73

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