LIHF have a new president!

LIHF approved new board members.

From September 19, this year, a board member posts are occupied - Ineta Jansone, Andulis Vitte (previously the Board members already) and Sergejs Durdins (Before Ronalds Ozoliņš, founder, board member since 2010).

September 21, 2016 Sergejs Durdins was confirmed as LATVIAN INLINE HOCKEY FEDERATION President!

SERGEJS DURDINS, born in 1. January, 1980.

Long-time ice hockey player (information, statistics You can found here:

Inline hockey Sergejs playing form 2012, in IHK Riga’s Vilki. Participations of Latvian highest league open Championship,  first Latvian champions. He is the team member for all years.

From the same, 2012, he has participated in all the FIRS Inline hockey World Championships, and been the Latvian national team captain!

Latvian national team statistics:
In 2012, Colombia, Bucaramanga, 7th place in the world;
In 2013 The United States, Anaheim, 14th place in the world;
2014 France, Toulouse, 8th place in the world;
2015 Argentina, Rosario, 4th place in the world;
2016 Italy, Asiago, 8th place in the world.

We wish the luck and success in his new position!
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