Latvia going to 3-rd World cup

Latvian Roll ball national team players - successfully received a visa, and can go to the World Cup. The World Cup from 15 to 21 december - will gona held Indian city -Pune.

This is the 3-rd World Cup, but Latvia will participate in these games for the first time. Until this year we did not know about the existence of this kind of sport, but thanks to the international inline hockey family - we got an invitation for membership.

At the moment - inline hockey players skating team sport - can adapt their knowledge and a skills of skating for this sport. Its will be a big challenge, great adventure and a new experience for every participations.

Latvia woman team : goaly- Evija Tētiņa; field players - Lolita Andriševska, Ivita Krūmiņa, Aija Apsīte, Ilze Kronberga, Agnese Apsīte. Team leader : Ineta Jansone.

Latvia man team : goaly- Renārs Seiksts; field players - Artūrs Batraks, Viesturs Cimermanis, Klāvs Maleckis, Kristofers R.Veispāls, Aldis Popens. Team leader : Andris Jansons.
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